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vento smart

VENTO SMART is a trailed pneumatic planter with 8 rows for corn-sunflower / 12 rows for soy-beet-rapeseed, the frame closes in height and the resulting road size is 2.55 meters or 3 meters depending on the configuration and accessories chosen.



During transport, VENTO SMART is supported by two wheels, while during work the machine works with 4 support wheels; this feature allows the machine to be towed by a modest-sized tractor, all to the advantage of expenses, consumption and trampling on the ground. Furthermore, during the work phase, the axles of the support wheels can be enlarged to the desired size to allow the wheels to run on the inter-rows and never above the seeding rows.

VENTO SMART is very short, this feature, combined with the steering drawbar allows the machine to follow the tractor perfectly and to steer in a small space. Available with mechanical or electric transmission of the elements with the ELEKTRA DRIVE device, combinable with ISOBUS system, so with GPS and proportional seeding device.

VENTO SMART is versatile, it can be equipped with a standard frame or variable pitch frame, thanks to this you can change the inter-row distance and configuration of the seed drill in a short time. Suitable for conventional till, minimum till and no till

VENTO SMART will soon become VENTO DRILL: By removing the single seed sowing section and applying the wheat sowing module, the fertilizer hopper will become the seed hopper and the pneumatic seeding machine.

  • Type:
    Pneumatic single seed drill
  • Crops:
    Corn – Sunflower – Soy – Sugar beet – Rapeseed and more on request
  • Version:
    8 – 12 files