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Sigma HWS

Sigma HWS is the ideal pneumatic planter for sowing maize, soy, sunflower, sorghum and similar seeds.

Born for direct sowing in strong presence of cultural residue, and for sowing in minimal processing.


Strengths of the Sigma HWS are:

– robustness and quality of construction

– simplicity and versatility of use

– sowing reliability even at an hourly rate of 10-12km / h.

  • Tipology:
    Pneumatic Planter
  • Colture:
    corn, soy


Is available the ELEKTRA DRIVE system, total electronic management of the machine.

The operator, sitting comfortably in the cab, sets seeding parameters at a console, an electronic control unit processes the data and gives command to the motors that drive and control the seeding disc. An alternator, connected to the seeder fan, continuously recharges the seeder battery.

If the machine is equipped with a fertilizer spreader and/or microgranulator, the Elektra Drive system takes care of the control and drive of these accessories as well.

The ELEKTRA ISOBUS system handles all the features offered by the Isobus protocol compatible with the potential available in the tractor system. In particular, variable rate management (for seed, fertilizer and microelements) and activation/deactivation of individual seeding elements for proper plot coverage and to avoid seeding overlaps on headlands.

The optimization of the internal geometries of the seeding unit in addition to the aforementioned regularity of rotation of the seeding disc result in seed deposition accuracy that is among the best on the market, even at high working speeds.