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Sigma 5

The Sigma 5 pneumatic precision has as its main features the robustness and quality of construction, the simplicity and versatility of use that are combined with the reliability of sowing also with high hourly feed.

Sigma 5 has been a protagonist in agriculture 4.0 for some years with the Elektra Drive and Isobus device: total electronic management of the machine, for even higher performance. The operator, comfortably seated in the tractor cabin, sets the sowing parameters in a touch screen console. An electronic control unit processes the set data and gives the command to electronic motors that operate and control the seeding disc. An alternator, connected to the seeder fan, continuously recharges the seeder battery which supplies the current necessary for operation. If the machine is equipped with a fertilizer spreader and / or microgranulator, the Elektra Drive system also controls and activates these accessories.


Sigma 5 is available in the fixed frame, hydraulic telescopic frame and hydraulic folding frame, mounted or trailed.

Ideal for sowing corn, soybeans, beetroot, sunflower, sorghum, sesame, bean, pea, cotton and similar seeds.


Sigma 5 is the latest expression of Sfoggia’s know-how: it meets and implements the operator’s needs to guarantee a better quality of result and comfort.

  • Type:
    Pneumatic single seed drill
  • Crops:
    Corn – Soybean – Sunflower – Sugar Beet – Cotton – Beans – Rapeseed – Sorghum and others