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Air 2.5 - 3

AIR 2.5 and AIR 3 are the new expression of technology, efficiency, robustness and practicality in the Sfoggia range of variable pitch seeders. Created to adapt to the various row distance, 2.5 and AIR 3 have been developed with innovative details: the single frame, which makes the machine shorter and therefore more manageable; the number of telescopics sections reduced to one for AIR 2.5 and two for AIR 3, to have less weight, but at the same time more strength and less wear; the convenience of the tie rod change, to reduce the inter-row change times; the availability of the Standard, Plus and Elektra Drive versions, to meet the various needs of professionals, even the most demanding.

The innovative frame of AIR 2.5 and AIR 3, the only one on the market to be a single frame, gives the possibility for the machine to easily adapt to the various crop inter-row distances, the variation of these is simple thanks to the replacement of practical and simple tie rods. Air 2.5 is available in versions 6-6, 6-7, 8 × 45 cm with a road size of 2.5 meters. Air 3 is available in versions 8-8, 8-9 with a road footprint of 3.0 meters. The telescopic sections of the frame slide on long adjustable guides.


AIR 2.5 and AIR 3 versions available with the Elektra Drive system, the total electronic management of the machine, for even higher performance. The operator, comfortably seated in the tractor cabin, sets the sowing parameters in a touch screen console. An electronic control unit processes the set data and gives the command to electronic motors that operate and control the seeding disc. An alternator, connected to the seeder fan, continuously recharges the seeder battery which supplies the current necessary for operation. If the machine is equipped with a fertilizer spreader and / or microgranulator, the Elektra Drive system also controls and activates these accessories.



As standard the super tested double chain mechanical transmission, a guarantee of precision and reliability. This system guarantees a precise and constant rotation of the sowing disc, even on uneven ground. The chain is also very robust, subject to little wear, and easily available.


Studied in every detail, Air 2.5 and Air 3 have been designed to fully satisfy the most demanding operators. All mechanical parts are built within the Sfoggia company, to have total control of the raw materials, the production process and the quality of the finished product. The component parts are first choice and easy to find on the market.

  • Type:
    Pneumatic single seed drill
  • Version 2.5:
    6/6  6/8  8/8 files
  • Version 3:
    8/8  8/9 files