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Drillsem is the new mechanical in-line seeder for cereals and grass, with double plastic distribution roller.

Very compact, precise in its distribution, multipurpose, its hopper can be destined only for the distribution of seeds or divided in two for the distribution of seed + fertilizer.

It can be carried or pulled, the shoe can be tooth or sickle on 3 rows, single disk or double disk on two rows.

The double harrow is available in 3 versions.

DRILLSEM can be equipped with a wide range of accessories such as row markers, tramlines, hectare counters, etc.



– DSA-S = Seed with coulters

– DSA-SF = Seed + Fertilizer with coulters

– DSA-SFE = Seed + Fertilizer + Grass with coulters

– DSD-S = Seed with single disc

– DSD-SF = Seed + Fertilizer with single disc

– DSD-SFE = Seed + Fertilizer + Herbs with single disc

– DSDD-S = Seed with double disc

– DSDD-SF = Seed + Fetilizer with double disc

– DSDD-SFE = Seed + Fetilizer + Herbs with double disc

  • Type:
    Mechanical seeder
  • Crops:
    Cereals – Herbs