Daily commitment since 1956

Daily commitment since 1956


The SFOGGIA company was founded in 1956 thanks to the spirit and dedication of Antonio Sfoggia and his son Narciso. Initially engaged in the construction of water systems, he soon began to take an interest in the agricultural sector, designing and building agricultural machines, especially seeders and transplanters.

Over the years, the range of products has been enriched with many machines that satisfy different types of requests forward by the market.

The passion, the growing commitment and important financial investments have led SFOGGIA to be a protagonist in agriculture 4.0 with the Elektra Drive and Isobus device, the total electronic management of the machine applied to the world of sowing.


Even in the world of transplanters and seeders for vegetables, SFOGGIA has dedicated investments and research in recent years, designing new models and improving existing ones.