plantec one

PLANTEC ONE is a semi-automatic transplanter for seedlings, for transplanting on bare ground and on mulched soil with nylon or paper. The transplanting operation on land covered with mulching or bare film takes place through the descent with consequent perforation of the film and penetration into the ground of the aluminum cupes of the transplanter; the plant is then released into the ground and the rear rubber wheels provide for tamping.


PLANTEC ONE finds its application in the transplanting of seedlings with cylindrical, conical or truncated-conical, pyramidal, cubic lump, sized potatoes, big seeds, such as, for example, bean, green bean, etc., on mulched and / or bare soil. For example, you can transplant the seedlings of salad, radicchio, tomato, cabbage, lettuce, etc.


PLANTEC ONE can also work in combination with the mulcher to simultaneously spread the plastic film and transplant. Transplanter and Mulcher are connected with an oscillating attachment to guarantee a better job.


This model is available with fixed frame, hydraulic telescopic and hydraulic folding.




Available accessories:

Stainless steel fertilizer spreader with volumetric distribution

PVC microgranulator with volumetric distribution

Watering device, with or without water tank

Mechanical or hydraulic row marker

Plant trays holder

Tower plant holder

Rubber seat

And more

  • Type:
    Semi-automatic transplanters for lump seedlings
  • Yield:
    7000 pints / hour
  • Crops:
    Tomato, salad, radicchio, lettuce, cabbage